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Open scalable IoT solutions to enable, connect, manage and optimize devices and business performance

As organizations pursue their IoT strategy, some seek the “built-in” expertise of turn-key PaaS solutions while others will highly customize their solution for a business advantage. With Carriots, Altair customers can easily onboard devices and sensors directly to the Carriots platform as an end-to-end IoT solution on our managed cloud infrastructure, on-premise or preferred cloud services provider in weeks versus months. Through its open-architecture design and licensing, Carriots also affords clients the ability to select only those components that are needed to complete their IoT stack.


Easily connect your sensors and devices to the Internet and use our HTTP RESTful API to securely push XML or JSON encoded data of all forms from your devices to be managed within the Carriots application enablement platform. 

Optimize the connection of your IoT devices to cellular, wireless access, WiFi, mesh and sensor networks with Altair’s network planning software for M2M, gateway and cloud communications.

Altair provides a complete toolchain for the development and simulation of embedded control systems spanning Software-in-the-Loop, Processor-in-the-Loop as well as Hardware-in-the-Loop. 

Device Enablement

M2M + Gateway Connectivity

"Our 3rd generation Android-based suite, PACE+PACE Cloud, was developed entirely using solidThinking Embed from Altair. PACE+PACE Cloud adds IoT connectivity and energy savings to a wide range of HVACR equipment. We relied heavily on solidThinking Embed’s Model Based Design features and automatic code generation to deliver a defect-free, high-quality product on time, within budget."

Tom Mills, President

Pace Controls

Perform real-time and batch analytics at the edge of your network and on cloud AEP persisted data with Carriots Analytics. Set rules and alerts, integrate with 3rd party systems, and push and pull information from operations and business support systems to optimize device and business performance.

Altair’s Carriots AEP platform database stores hundreds of terabytes of data with high transactional capabilities. Easily access your data with PUSH and PULL strategies through APIs. Write and execute rules and scripts with the App Engine, and combine them with a complete SDK to execute actions in your app.  

Use 2 way communication protocols to remotely maintain, control and interact with your devices including checking the status, changing configurations and upgrading the firmware of your devices.

Device + Data Management

Edge + Cloud Analytics

The citizens of Pozuelo de Alarcón in Spain wanted a cleaner and more efficient city. The goals was to protect the environment, decrease the energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions, and control expenses. The city Council used Carriots City Life and our partner Orange España as connectivity provider.

Case Study: Pozuelo Smart City

Business Decision Support Systems

Altair’s scalable environment for application development and business systems connection. Develop applications directly on our platform to manage your data and devices by establishing complex rules and setting up your own push and pull strategies. Build comprehensive and customized control panels in any language to manage application. Connect and Interact seamlessly with external business systems, including ERP, CIS, CRM solutions through standard REST API and web services.

Closed-loop Lifecycle

As connectivity and intelligence become part of almost everything with which we interact, performance optimization has evolved to be a continuous process throughout a product’s lifecycle.

Open-architecture by design, the integration of Altair’s HyperWorks and Carriots software platforms for simulation-driven design and device management allows Altair to uniquely offer turn-key IoT solutions as well as specific simulation, cloud HPC, analytics and AEP technologies to support our clients’ IoT projects and digital twin strategies.

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